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Anounce 2016! A new application for the iPhone 7! Now there will always be a list of pharmacies in your phone! Order medicine or to find the nearest pharmacy to call in help, or find out the latest news - all this can be done through the application.

WARNING !!! To receive the discount, it is necessary to call / write card number when ordering for delivery.

Holding Online Pharmacy - is a multifunctional company, has been successfully operating in several ways: pharmacy chain, health and beauty industry.
The main conditions of the organization are: the quality of products and services (including the guaranteed absence of counterfeit products in pharmacies), individual approach to each customer, flexible pricing, convenience of the location of objects, as well as social acts of charity and philanthropy.
The stability of the Holding indicate such important facts as the annual awards, given jobs with good working conditions, programs to improve the professional skills of new facilities opening and development of the Company as a whole.

Our goals are:

As is known, the problem of counterfeiting of medicines lately gained rampant worldwide. Buy medicine for themselves and their families without the risk of getting into the hands of a defective product has been quite difficult. Each firm will have a manufacturer in the country of his legal representative with authority to own patents. This measure is to ensure that the firm could be responsible for the low-quality products. Now, foreign pharmaceutical companies are engaged mainly in the promotion of their products in our market, but is not responsible for its spread.

Where you can buy the necessary medication and be sure of its quality, because there are cases when closing the whole drugstore chains, knowingly engaged in the sale of counterfeit drugs?
Canadian Pharmacy began to independently carry out verification activities selling medicines, because even state control can not always guarantee the absence of counterfeit medicines entering the market. Several times a week medicines sold online, are required to attend the examination in the laboratory quality to every customer network was convinced of the authenticity of the purchased goods. Also opened a hot line, which you can report on all cases related to the trade of poor quality medicines, ask questions about how to distinguish counterfeit products, find out where you can check the calling into question the drug, their grievances, comments and suggestions.

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