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You are thrilled and excited to be planning a Gothic theme wedding, but you are running low on gothic wedding ideas and inspiration for your edgy wedding. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! Below we talk about gothic-inspired gift ideas, gothic wedding decorations, and gothic wedding fashion ideas.

Embrace Gothic culture with these spooky, but spectacular gothic wedding ideas that’ll pull off a gorgeous gothic-themed wedding.

What is a Gothic Style Wedding?

A Gothic-themed wedding is a perfect option for couples who want a mysterious and spooky wedding. Other words to describe a gothic wedding theme include dark and moody and dramatic.

In other words, gothic weddings are extraordinary and perfect for couples who are tired of the traditional wedding theme. Gothic weddings themes for couples are being popular. Oftentimes, the Gothic style is associated with Halloween and some couples get hitched during this ghostly holiday.

The gothic style includes incorporating dark elements and details that’ll create an eerie vibe. Unlike a traditional wedding, a gothic wedding uses a darker color scheme such as pitch-black colors, dark purples, blood reds, dark shades of blue, dark greens, and silver colors. White and gold are also popular colors at gothic weddings.

Gothic Wedding Decorations

Searching for unique gothic wedding decorations? These out-of-the-box wedding decorations look absolutely stunning with your dark romance gothic style wedding.

Gothic Bridal Flowers

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As you know, flowers are the essential wedding decorations. Therefore, start your gothic wedding decor by placing gothic floral arrangements on your wedding tables.

To capture the gothic look, incorporate dark elements such as black, purple, and blood-red roses. These mixed gothic bouquets in black vases will elevate your gothic wedding theme.


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These bride and groom skeleton figurines are spooktacular decorations that will surprise your guests. They also make excellent wedding table centerpieces that will only add more spooky touches to your gothic-style wedding.


Go all out with gothic skull decorations such as skull vases, skull statues, or animal skull heads. You can use these as centerpieces to complement your gothic wedding style.


Black wedding pumpkins are perfect for Halloween lovers. They heighten your fascination with the gothic wedding theme.


Wedding vintage chandeliers add drama to your gothic-themed wedding. You can have all-black chandeliers to add more depth to your gothic wedding scenery.


Embrace the gothic theme by placing gargoyles statues as your wedding table centerpieces. These scary sculptures will definitely give your guests the gothic feeling that you’re looking for at your gothic wedding.

Spiders and Spiderwebs

For couples who are also Halloween enthusiasts, you adorn your wedding tables and chair with spiders and spiderwebs. These scary elements will add spook to your gothic wedding scenery.


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Lanterns are also gothic conventions that’ll add depth to your gothic wedding decor. Consider using vintage-looking lanterns as centerpieces for your full-fledged gothic wedding.

Decorative Arches

Add more gothic flair with these decorative pointed arches. The gothic-style arches are perfect for your wedding altar at your gothic wedding ceremony.


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You can’t have a gothic-themed wedding without taper candles and candlestick holders, particularly candelabras. Candelabras will help create an eerie sinister vibe for your gothic wedding.

They will look utterly spooky and spectacular in your dim light gothic setting. Some antique bronze or gold candelabras will do the trick!

Black Table Cloths

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Black satin table and chair covers will enhance your gothic wedding style. They will also match your other dark wedding details.

Black and Gold Table Settings

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Black plate with gold rims along with golden flatware is an elegant tableware choice to include in your gothic wedding decor. Complete your table setting placements with vintage goblet wine glasses.

Gothic Tombstones

For Halloween lovers, adding some gothic-style tombstones or headstones to an outdoor gothic wedding will make your wedding all the more uncanny and dramatic.

Gothic Wedding Favor Ideas

Looking for small gift ideas to express gratitude and appreciation for your guests? Thank your guests on the day of your wedding with these cool gothic-inspired wedding favors.

Mini Coffins

These gothic wedding coffins are not your typical wedding favors, but they are stunning jewelry boxes that’ll match your gothic-themed wedding. They also make excellent treat boxes that you can fill with your favorite Halloween candy. They also make memorable keepsakes that’ll remind your guests of your spooky but mostly spectacular gothic wedding.

Halloween Wedding Stickers

“Til Death Do Us Part” or “Thank You” Halloween stickers, labels, and tags are small, but fun gifts for your guests, especially if they love Halloween. They are also wonderful keepsakes that your guest will love and appreciate.

Gothic Mugs

Check out these gothic-inspired mugs to gift to your guests at your gothic wedding. If your guests love drinking tea or coffee, they will definitely appreciate these gothic coffee mugs. They can be mugs in form of witches pots or they can also be regular coffee mugs with Halloween designs printed on them.

Frosted Shot Glasses

Frosted shot glasses will definitely fit right in with your ghoulishly gothic wedding. Not only will you’re guests love these wedding favors, but they will also be able to use them to raise a glass during your wedding toast.

Spider or Finger Soap Favors

These spiders and fingers soap favors might seem bizarre, but they fit in perfectly with your gothic theme wedding. These small spooky details are definitely extraordinary gifts that your guests will never forget. Tip: don’t give spider soap favors to guests with Arachnophobia (fear of spiders).

Trick-or-Treat Bags

There is no doubt that your guests will be taking home these affordable wedding favors. Your guest will find it hard to resist these trick or treat bags filled with your favorite Halloween goodies and candy.

Mini Rose Dome

Other out-of-the-box gift ideas for your wedding guests are mini rose domes. These adorable gothic wedding favors that involve dark-colored roses with mini skulls in glass domes are one of kind. These cute miniatures are fancy and will completely match your elegant gothic wedding.

Skeleton Key Bottle Opener

Another unique but useful wedding favors are the vintage-looking skeleton key bottle openers. These antique bottle openers will complement your gothic wedding look and will make beautiful keychains that your guests will appreciate.

What to Wear to a Gothic Wedding

Now that you have some gothic wedding ideas to inspire you, you can now focus on looking for gothic fashion ideas. Here are some gothic attire ideas of what to wear to a gothic-themed wedding.

Gothic Bridal Dress

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For the bride, a black dress with lace will look amazing at a gothic-themed wedding. This nonconforming wedding attire is perfect for your unconventional spooky wedding. Another option is to wear a vintage-looking white gothic dress with lace. Or you can wear a black and white wedding dress along with other gothic-inspired bridal accessories.

Spikes are other cool gothic elements that’ll complete your gothic wedding appearance. Perhaps you can wear a crown or another headpiece with lots of spikes on it. You can also incorporate purple and red elements into your gothic look such as red necklaces, ruby red chokers, or black lace bridal gloves. Add some gothic jewelry and complete the gothic look with some black lace heels.

Gothic Groom Suit

For the groom, a black suit with a gothic shirt will do the trick. He can also incorporate dark purple and red details such as a purple or red bow tie, pocket square and tie, or vest. A black ruffled collar will also look great with this look.

Accompany this look with all black shoes or black and white shoes. It is a good idea for the groom’s outfit to match the bride’s wedding outfit. For example, if the bride wears a dark black and red dress the groom should wear those colors on his tux too.

Gothic Wedding Guest Attire

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Guests can wear all-black outfits too to fit in with the gothic wedding theme. A nice black suit or evening gown is an excellent choice for a gothic-style wedding.

Another option is to ask the bride and groom what you should wear to their wedding. Perhaps you can ask them what colors they are going to wear to their wedding so that you can incorporate those colors into your gothic outfit as well.

No matter what you decide to wear, just make sure that you don’t outdo the couple’s gothic wedding outfits as you don’t want to steal their spotlight on their big day.

Gothic Wedding Venue Ideas

Looking for a place to host and complement your gothic-inspired wedding? Here’s a list of the perfect gothic wedding venues.

  • Castles
  • Historic Manors
  • Cemeteries
  • Historic Hotels
  • Museums
  • Buildings with Medieval or Gothic Architecture

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Gothic Wedding Ideas That’ll Wow You and Your Guests - Yeah Weddings (2024)
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