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Dark and Darker, the MMORPG is in early stages of development. But, playtests have already given gamers the chance to become familiar with the videogame. Gamers now have access to a new spell system in the updated game. It is the subject of this article. By choosing the Cleric or the Wizard classes, you can now perform spells. Read up on spell memory in detail as well as the whole list of wizard and cleric spells.

Both wizards and clerics can cast manydifferent spellsin Dark and Darker, and doing so has a variety of advantages. Also, this advantage may significantly help you in battles against foes. Every spell in the Dark and Darker Spells Handbook is listed along with what it does, how many times you may cast it before it goes into cooldown, and how much Spell Memory you'll need to equip it.

How does the Spell System inside Dark and Darker work?

As mentioned above, the WizardandClericare the only two classes in the game that have spell-casting abilities. The wizard's trusted staff serves as their primary spell-casting tool, but the cleric can utilize a blunt object in addition to a spell book and otherwise staff in their offhand.

Both classes utilize the same spell system. The class builder features a dedicated spell section for each class. You must first acquire the Spell Memory skill in the ability area before you can cast spells. You can decide which spells to use in battle after equipping the Spell Memory. Unfortunately, you will only have a limited quantity ofKnowledgeaccessible to you at the beginning of the game, limiting the number of spells you can take and cast on your run.

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Equipping Spells in Dark and Darker

Go to your class page & look at the spell menu before starting your first match as a Wizard or Cleric. Two skill slots are available to you, each of which can hold up to five spells. Choose your favourite spells by hovering your cursor over them on the right side of the screen, then drag them into any of the five spell slots to attach them.

It's crucial to keep in mind that you cannot cast spells without a Spell Memory Skill equipped, as the Spell Memory "activates" the skill slot. The skill slot will be highlighted in red & you will see the notice "spell memory required" if you have no spell memory. Under the Perk & Skill menu, you can equip the Spell Memory.

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All of the Wizard Spells

Tier I Spells

  • Zap: If it hits, it the enemy is set on fire for one second and does magic damage.

  • Light Orb: Blow up floating light spheres using the Light Orb to dramatically illuminate the surrounding area.

  • Ignite: Ignites the target's weapon, causing 5 more magical damage while setting opponents ablaze when they are hit.

Tier II Spells

  • Slow: For 2.5 seconds, the target's movement speed is slowed by 40%.

  • Ice Bolt: When struck, it does magic damage and for one second slows the target's by 15%

Tier III Spells

  • Magic Missile: A maximum of 10 missiles, each dealing 12 damage, are fired by the Magic Missile. The shooting ceases whenever you start moving.

  • Haste: For 11 seconds, the target receives a 14% move speed & action bonus. If none of the opponents is detected, casts to self.

Tier IV Spells

  • Lightning Strike: A lightning bolt that does damage,and strikes the target region after 4 seconds.

  • Invisibility: Target obtains a 10% Movement Speed increase and turns invisible for three seconds. If no receiver is detected, casts to self.

  • Fireball: Fires a fireball at a target, dealing 20 splash damage, 30 direct damage, as well as a knockback effect to enemies nearby.

Tier VI Spells

  • Chain Lightning: The enemy is electrocuted, does spell damage along with discharging lightning that shocks 3 times and transfers to any creature within 4 meters. It transmits to oneself if you are close but not to the target it was previously sent to.

All of the Cleric Spells

Tier I Spells

  • Bless: For 30 seconds, the target obtains a +3 bonus to their Will, Strength, as well as Agility stats. If no recipient is detected, casted upon self.

  • Protection: Creates a shield of 20 physical damage resistance for 20 seconds as part of protection.

Tier II Spells

  • Divine Strike: For 20 seconds, damage delivered by weapons is boosted by 10%.

  • Cleanse: Cleanses the target of any negative magic effects.

  • Lesser Heal: Restores 15 health to a target. If none of the enemy is detected, casts to self.

Tier III Spell

  • Bind: Target is bound for ¾ seconds by Bind.

Tier V Spell

  • Holy Light: Does 100 basic magical damage to a dead target or heals a friend for 30 Health.

Tier VI Spell

  • Sanctuary: For a fixed amount of time, it focuses on a single location, healing friendly creatures there at a rate of 5 each second and inflicting 14 spell-damage per second on the undead.

Tier VIII Spell

  • Resurrection: Target a friend to bring them back from the dead with Resurrection (the body must possess one soul heart).

How to cast Spells in Dark and Darker?

There's a little more to casting spells than simply tapping the appropriate button. The default weapon for wizards & clerics, which is tied to slots "1" and "3 respectively, is a magic staff. By default, the Cleric has a shield in slot "2," but you can switch it out for staff and dual-wield if you don't want to play a defensive game.

After you have that ready and outside, press "E" to bring up your spell wheel, then place the cursor where you want it. To choose, you don't need to click. The spell you'll use is whatever it was that your mouse was last hovering over. Hold down the right mouse button to perform a spell when you're ready to do so. The stronger spells require more time to cast because of their lengthier cast times. Before you go too far into a run, it's a good idea to try different spells to see how long it takes to cast them. Each spell has a progress bar. Casting spells requires knowledge. You begin with a base knowledge value of 12, and some items looted from dungeons can raise it.

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‘Knowledge’ in Dark and Darker

You require knowledge to cast any of the spells mentioned above. The cost of the spells you can use while running is determined by your knowledge. Each character has12 Knowledgeat first, although this can be increased with gear. The kinds of spells you can cast can all be enhanced by items like pendants, cloaks, gloves, amulets, & more.

For a total of 12 Knowledge, you can decide to purchase Zap, Magic Missile, Lightning, and Slow as a novice. It's crucial that you replace spells that use more Knowledge than you have available on the Magic Memory Priority meter. This is true even if you start the run with little knowledge because you can really increase your knowledge during the run, which will unlock those more spells on your spell wheel.

The number of spells you can cast in a single run can also be doubled by equipping two Spell Memory wheels, but doing so will not improve your Knowledge. For late-game Mage & Cleric characters having full Knowledge who can equip two different casters, this is feasible.

‘Spell Memory’ in Dark and Darker

To obtain the slots where you store spells, wizards and clerics also require spell memory. You immediately receive one spell memory in the Dark and Darker, allowing you to equipfive spells. Try out different spells to see which ones work best for you. We've found that, at least for Wizards, offensive spells likeLightning and Fireballare much more effective than support spells like the too-brief Invisibility. Clerics have the added benefit of casting self-buffs, which allows them to take more punishment and do some damage using their mace.

Five additional slots can be unlocked by swapping your other skill with greater spell memory, but we haven't had much luck discovering extra memory thus yet. Like class skill growth, it can be hidden behind the entire game, or it might merely be an extremely uncommon treasure drop.

Spell Cost Limit and Priority

Each spell has a particular cost that varies depending on its tier, usually with higher tiers costing more. The most recent spells you added are inaccessible if you go over the Cost Limit, which is indicated at the bottom of the spell menu. Because theCost Limitis based on the character's Knowledge stat, it will rise as Knowledge does.

The Spell Memory Priority bar will indicate which spells are no longer usable if you have exceeded the Expense Limit. The sequence in which you inserted the spells determines the priority, with the final one being given the lowest importance.

Casting Spells while running

Spelling Memory will also be used when sprinting, though. This is done to control the number of times that Wizards and Clerics can effectively cast spells. For instance, as a Mage, you'll need to utilize theMeditation ability to temporarily regenerate magic power. The necessity of Meditation lessens a little bit as you progress through the game, but at first it may seem counterintuitive (Meditation is in every other area between battles). After you finish jogging, the spell will additionally be recharged. Also read our beginner's guide to Dark and Darker to get a good hold of the game.


With this we arrive at the conclusion of our Dark and Darker Spells Guide, now you know everything important about casting spells as a Wizard or Cleric. So get into the dungeons, and start shooting at enemies with your powerful spells!

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