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Eroticism men - something delicate and individual. It is believed that brunettes are more expressive than blondes and undersized men - more temperamental than high. But you can bring a lot of examples to refute this assertion.

Men desire changeable. It appears before intercourse, is growing exponentially, along with an erection, and then the alliance disintegrated rapidly after orgasm and ejaculation. Continue during the "action" of sexual intercourse difficult. To do this, take the generics list of drugs of this kind at present is solid enough.

Sexual disorders include excessive excitability and sexual centers, followed by rapid ejaculation, and, conversely, low libido with erectile dysfunction. And then, and more annoying, but is removable. In the first case prolangatory help creams and condoms, in the second case - are helpful tools to increase potency and prolonging erections. Here's the handy list of drugs generic.

Men's anxiety - an unstable phenomenon. It depends on many factors - the level of hormonal levels, the degree of stimulation of the erogenous zones, the level of psychological comfort, as well as the activity of the visual, auditory, olfactory receptors. But "look guilty" in such a situation should be cautious. Otherwise, the task of how to prolong intercourse and make an intimate blizostbolee emotionally intense, move away into the background the problem of how to excite a man in general, and to persuade him to have sex. The question is how long to finish the girl and the man is too delicate.

To lead a man to "combat state" need to create a comfortable environment for this and the corresponding emotional. Here to help relaxing music, a warm bath, erotic massage, a demonstration of naked female beauty. Are very effective gentle manipulation of male erogenous zones, accumulated mainly in the area of the penis, while fondling other places also should not be ignored.

This approach is preferred because a man gets a lot of fun, and so was ready to "thank" the woman's affection and tenderness. In addition, he goes to the top of bliss slowly but experiencing explosive orgasm. Great help in this case, have drugs for long sex. They allow men to prolong sexual intercourse by enhancing erection.

Of course, extend the time of sexual intercourse may be other ways. But they all require some skill to distract man from the most enjoyable action, make nervous under the weight of the risk of failure. Any "mechanical" procedure as long to finish - this effort, work, pleasure interference. Therefore more appropriate to use generics.

Dosage procedure as long to finish, based on the change of certain enzymatic reactions in the body of a man. While the representative of the stronger sex enjoys sex, drug, strengthens his male "power". Now men do not have to strain about how long to finish the girl and himself. His erection is in order, which means that it can hold real bed "performances."

Surveys have shown premature ejaculation every man is manifested in different ways. In some of the stronger sex "unplanned" ejaculation occurs at the slightest contact of the penis with the female genitalia. Another same men ejecting seed need only imagine the sexual act in his fantasies. Others are worried about the fact that ejaculation occurs after a few bumps and frictions. Therefore, the struggle with premature ejaculation - it is, above all, accurate analysis of the situation and the "requirements" for sexual intercourse by men.

Problem, how to prolong having sex bothers men of any age. After all, premature ejaculation can occur in young people and mature individuals. In the first case, the cause of this phenomenon is the increased hormones, strengthen the rapid development and sexual inexperience sexual intercourse. In the second case, the tablets for a long male sex swallow contrary, due to the low levels of sex hormones in the body, reducing the overall potency, decreased erectile responses. Knowing the nature of premature ejaculation, to deal with this sexual disorder is much easier.

Any good doctor will confirm the fact that premature ejaculation can be avoided only if the act comprehensively. It is not enough to buy generic wholesale and use them every day. That sex was a joy and not a headache, you need to approach it not only emotionally, but also reasonable.

This will involve the nervous system into balance and establish a steady rhythm of sexual acts, purchase a variety of external agents that reduce sexual excitability, and then think about how and where to buy generic drugs in bulk.

In the struggle with premature ejaculation is necessary to develop a competent tactics. For example, oral sex and penetration of the penis into the woman's vagina combined with a minute pause and relaxation. Use condoms or creams prolangatory that significantly reduce the sensitivity of the glans of the penis, along with generics.

Patience and endurance on the part of man, tolerance and understanding on the part of women - these are the two conditions under which sexual intercourse can be as enjoyable as possible for both partners.